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Our Company takes immense pleasure in extending our hands for completing your ever dreamt Andaman tour with exceptional services and modest way of customer dealings.


  • As a loyal agent, we are happy to supply our customers with services for travel desires as well as best airlines, accommodations and cruises.
  • We ar here to assure travel bookings on your behalf and involve in guaranteeing relevant agreements with our customers and therefore the service suppliers.
  • We have assigned the costs of services like vehicles, ferry tickets, cruise charges, rates negotiated with hotels calculated on the premise of current rating and if just in case of a rise in these above-mentioned rates and in Government surcharge or fuel charges, the increased quantity are levied from the client itself.
  • The Andaman ferry sailings are subjected to climatic conditions and if just in case there's a hindrance in sailing because of weather or payload restriction, we'll try and handle the case by searching for another arrange. however we aren't liable for non-sailing ferries and therefore the quantity won't be refunded back as per the Cancellation policy. Thus, the itinerary is subjected to vary.
  • There are probabilities for cancellation of ferry rides to islands like Neil, Ross and havelock because of unforeseen circumstances or events, or if any attractions are closed because of the maintenance, we'll prepare another itinerary and therefore the accommodation charges are refunded back following the cancellation policy of the involved hotel in the above mentioned islands. And, if we got to know the circumstances in advance, your itineraries are subjected to vary and that we can punctually arrange your trip. Also, the conduct of water activities within the islands rely upon climate and then the rides are off or delayed because of weather condition. in case of cancellation of activities or day journeys, we'll try and refund the number to the utmost.
  • If you have got contracted any service with any other service provider, and just in case, they have failed to provide you with the service for any reason, then Dreamplore Travel Company won't take any responsibility and that service supplier are answerable and legal recourse must be moved against them.
  • We will be composing alternate provision for your safe journey just in case of auto breakdown however the time delay caused won't be stipendiary.
  • We will not take the responsibility of alterations or delays within the planned programs or events occurred because of many factors like accidents, flight cancellation, natural hazards, weather, breakdown, sickness, political closures or the other surprising reasons. If so, the additional quantity are levied from the client.
  • We will book your accommodation in a hotel as per your desires and can attempt to ensure the arrival in this specific hotel itself however just in case we discover any issue in managing the hotel management or on the idea of our regular feedback program, we are forced to withdraw the contract, then we have a tendency to reserve the right to change your stay to a hotel with similar class. this may be punctually intimated to you and that we won't be done without revealing it to you.
  • While you travel, it's the responsibility of every traveler to hold your valid travel documents or statutory clearances as well as visas, passports, insurance, confirmed air/rail tickets, medical insurance certificates, and carry documents with the possession of which can alter you to travel on a tour.
  • There are probabilities of arising any form of discontent or complaints that should be directly delivered to the notice of your concerned tour representative and that we can try and resolve it if it's inside our limitation or constraints however the complaints won't be dealt at the commencement of using the services or once utilising the services.
  • No refund are pleased if you have done money payments to an authority or person for any reason without out our written consent.
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